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2/3/2017 6:59 PM


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inSync API returning empty data

We have multiple on-prem inSync servers in varying geographic locations.
Recently, we started to try leveraging the API for custom reporting and aggregating data with other services in our environment.

To handle this, I've got a PowerShell script that runs on a schedule every morning at 2am. It queries each server's API and attempts to dump the data into a separate database. However, I've found that on rare occasions each API call will return HTTP 200 with completely empty data. When I run the script manually to start troubleshooting, everything works fine.

Has anyone run into this before, or perhaps have any ideas of where to look? I'm hoping there's some kind of API log on the server that I'm not aware of.

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Arvindkumar  2/7/2017 4:03 PM

HTTP 200 is just a general success response, hence this issue will need investigation. We will work with you via a support case and post a resolution once available.