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1/6/2017 10:15 AM


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How to auto-delete preserved users?

I am interested in knowing if inSync has a provision to automatically delete preserved users. We have to manually delete preserved users as the disabled users continue to occupy the preserved user licenses and we want to save time and effort in deleting them manually.

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Arvindkumar  1/6/2017 2:41 PM

Yes, indeed a new auto-delete preserved users feature has been introduced in inSync 5.8 Cloud Update 9. This a profile-level setting that you can implement and inSync allows you to set a specific time period for which a user must be preserved. The minimum is 30 days, while the maximum duration for which you can preserve a user is 366 days, after which the preserved user gets automatically deleted.

To understand how to enable auto-delete at the profile level and to know the relevant considerations, refer to the following documentation:

Auto-delete preserved users:

Preserve, enable and delete users:

Preserved Users: