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11/24/2016 3:08 PM


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Multiple User Backup Inactivity Alert

Hello Druva,

Our admin team receives lot of alert email messages related to User Backup Inactivity. Is there any way to get collective list of all these emails rather than one email per user ?

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Arvindkumar  11/26/2016 12:26 AM

Yes, you can use the Collate all emails for this alert setting for this. Following are the steps for the same:

1. On the inSync Master Management Console menu bar, click the bell icon at the top right corner. The list of all alerts appears under  the Recent and Older tabs.
2. Click the Setting and Subscriptions tab.  A list of available alerts is displayed
3. Select User Backup Inactivity and click Edit
4. Select the Collate all email of this alert check box.
    This displays the Email frequency field on the Alert Settings page.
5. Set the day and time of Email frequency. This step is optional. If not set, the email frequency is set to the default setting displayed for Email frequency which is daily 9 am UTC.

Note that Collate all emails for this alert setting is disabled by default for all alerts. This setting is not available for alerts with severity as Critical and Notification.

Please refer to the following documentation for more details: