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9/20/2016 1:04 AM


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InSyncAgent CPU usage

InSyncAgent.exe is constantly using 10%-15% of CPU usage, even when backup is idle. Not a major problem but annoying enough as it spins the laptop fan up and it's noisy. Any idea on how to prevent this?
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Gökhan İsak  11/1/2016 11:01 AM


You need to decrease "CPU priority" under the;

profiles>"which profile you use"> Backup Schedule tab.

generally 3-4 enough for backup normally. 


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Arvindkumar  9/21/2016 10:45 AM

The CPU usage for inSyncAgent.exe process generally fluctuates from 0% to 5%, mostly keeping to the lowest. Anything constantly higher would need more analysis on an affected device. Druva Support will help root cause the issue and come back with a resolution.

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Jean-Marc Annonier  9/20/2016 1:07 AM

Oh and I am using the latest version 5.8 CU5. But version 5.7 was doing the same.