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4/2/2018 4:39 PM


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Assign Admin Roles to Specific Profiles

Are there any plans to allow role to profile mapping?  It would be nice if we could assign specific profiles to custom Admin Roles instead of managing access to profiles for each user individually.  Having the ability to report on administrative roles/users would be a good enhancement also.

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Jude  4/3/2018 4:09 PM

Hi Zachary,

The present worflow for inSync is:
- Create Custom Role.
- Map Administrators to the Custom Role.
- Assign Profile to the Administrators.

We understand your requirement and having this workflow might save you some time in administering inSync Cloud. Your suggested workflow would help in scernarios with higher number of Administrators and lesser number of Profiles. We will pass your feedback to the Product Management Team for consideration.

Below is the documentation which explains Administrator roles:

Regarding your second query on having a report on Administrators Roles/Admin Users, it looks valid and we would pass it on to our Product Management Team.