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5/12/2017 12:43 PM


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Can a user prevent backups for a specific time interval from inSync Client?

We have several users across continents using inSync as our backup solution. In the recent past, some of our users have been requesting for a setting to block inSync from backing up for a specific period of time. Since this request comes from a small set of users, we cannot make changes to the user policy. Moreover, the time period for which they want to prevent backups is also unique for each user, hence creating a policy for each user is a cumbersome task for the administrator. Please advise if there is an option on the inSync Client where a user can prevent backups from happening for a specific time interval.

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Arvindkumar  5/12/2017 1:42 PM

With inSync v5.9, we have introduced an option for administrators to let end users define a black-out window at a device level when backup should not happen. This way, end users can make sure backups do not start during any critical periods, such as presentations. Please read the following documentation page about "Define the backup interval and the schedule for devices":

To enable this permission for end users, please refer to the "User Settings: Allow Users to Change Settings > Backup Settings" section on the following page:

The following page describes how an end user can Restrict scheduled backups from the client UI:

Hope this is helpful.