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5/2/2017 12:47 PM


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Suggestions for Druva InSync OnPremise

I have few suggestions that would be nice to implement:

Option to compact all storages at once and see the progress
In profiles tab, show the amount of storage used
When creating a Profile, ask if you want to create a Storage with the same name and then specify the location
In Live activities, show what compaction is doing, also show what the restore check is doing (provide more information in emails too)
In manage storage and profiles, when selecting, have the edit button in the bottom for faster editing
In AD mappings, option to edit the mapping and not only the name
Ability to create custom reports
Use AD users to manage Druva administration console
Option to restart services from Administration console
In Manage Users, add a column to see the added date and time. Or better, possibility to customize columns so see information faster
In the dashboard, when you click the country where the device is traced, show the devices from that country
Get Druva logs from local system
Provide more information about errors
In AD mappings, show the amount of users per mapping

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Arvindkumar  5/11/2017 10:30 AM

Hello Gilbert,

Thank you for posting the suggestions.

We have planned to implement some of these items and will take up others as feasible. Please stay tuned to announcements and product release notes.