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7/7/2016 3:09 PM


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Desperately need Customized reporting

Is there a way to customize the Reporting to get a list of what users are in what Country? I see the Main Console shows me how many users are in a given Country, but I need the ability to report on WHO is in what country and their full status etc. For example:
  1. I need to be able to report on What users in what Countries have Empty Accounts (No machine or Data), They are in the system because they are in the AD Security Group that Druva pulls from and therefore using a license, but they do not have a Company asset, and therefore need to be removed to reclaim the Active User license.
  2. My Company is Global, and have users in 30 different Countries, and because of this we have 3rd party Support Vendors that handle IT support in their given Country. We need the more Granular reporting so we can provide the specific Countries with the user list for THAT country they need to engage to resolve the outstanding licensing issues.
  3. Is there a way to customize a report for this purpose? The main Console window shows me how MANY people are in a given Country, but I see no way to extrapolate WHO is where from those numbers.

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Hans Engelbrecht  10/19/2016 11:22 PM


Have you been able to generate custom reports by leveraging the API?

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Arvindkumar  7/7/2016 5:37 PM

Hello James,

Thank you for posting your query.

We have a Reporting API which helps create customized report. However user's country is not an available option as of now. Additionally, the dashboard map shows the latest location of the device when it connected to the server. Hence it may change if the user is traveling across different regions.

Please refer to the following documentation pages for the API details: