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7/5/2018 2:38 PM


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Feature Request: Add ability to delay failover on secondary on boot while local storage node comes online

I am using inSync On-Premise. I have a secondary storage node in another part of the country. When I reboot the master server, the insync services come online and clients begin to backup - however instead of using the local node they start using the remote node. If I am able to boot the insync interface quickly enough I can see the local storage node is still coming online. 

It would be a nice feature if there was a setting I could configure to delay the failover to secondary storage at boot time. Typically what happens is I will reboot the server (most times due to an update or something else, like fixing something in another product), and then after reboot all of my clients are doing large backups to the secondary storage, sucking up all their bandwidth. Then I have to cancel all the jobs, and then wait several hours for the users schedule to restart... It would be nice to have a feature that could detect local storage node booting up, or use a delay feature to prevent this issue.

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William Mascarenhas  7/5/2018 3:48 PM

Hello Michael,
The request seems valid and we will discuss it further with our internal team. We will also create a support ticket for the same and will update you on it.