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12/13/2017 11:49 AM


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explorer.exe consuming high CPU after restore of PNG files

before I start this is going to sound really mad....
Has anyone else experienced high CPU utilisation after a Druva inSync file restore?
We have done some testing (and this is the mad bit) and after a lot of testing we have found that if there were any .PNG files restored to the Windows Desktop, somehow Windows locks them and we notice explorer.exe has really high CPU utilisation! If you try to delete the PNG file windows wont let you. This is not specific to one file as we can replicate this on other devices with other files. It is almost like something happens to this file type during the restore and Windows has a problem with it.

I'll be interested to know if anyone else has come across this 

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Arvindkumar  12/27/2017 5:55 AM

This issue has not been experienced earlier. Also it has not been reproducible yet. It would be interesting to troubleshoot and root cause the same.

We will be working with you on a support case. Once the issue has been root caused and fixed, we will share the resolution on this forum.