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10/2/2017 9:27 PM


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Recovering from disaster where primary server is lost

I have been using Druva inSync on prem for some time now. We have a secondary storage node everyone's data is synced to a couple hundred miles away. In the event that our primary file server is destroyed (fire, flood etc) what data do I need backed up on the primary server (offsite) to be able to bring druva back up? Or can I just install master server and point it to the secondary node and it'll work? Can I have the secondary node become primary (which is what I heard is part of 5.9.6) and replicate the data back to on-site storage again (then switch them back)?

Do I need to backup the local database? The config files? What info should I be backing up regularly on the master backup server?

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Arvindkumar  10/16/2017 9:42 PM

Here is a DR guide for inSync On-premise that outlines details of all components that need to be backed up for disaster recovery purposes:


inSync v5.9.6 has an option to promote a secondary storage as the primary storage which can be helpful if the primary storage gets corrupted.