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9/21/2017 2:15 PM


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Powershell Install of Druva InSync Client 5.9.5

Installation script

Running it gives an error of 1603 (fatal error) and a pop up saying
"See the logfile 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Druva\inSync\inSyncAgent.exe.log' for details"
but no such file exists. The MSI install log is attached

Attached File : inSync5.9.5r57926_Install.log

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Nathan Davis  9/21/2017 2:24 PM

The important lines in the install is lines 137 & 129 in Deploy-Application.ps1

#Start-Process msiexec -ArgumentList "/qn /i $dirFiles\inSync5.9.5r57926.msi TOKENV2='99999999' HEADLESS=Yes SERVERLIST=`"`" /Lime c:\software\Logs\DruvaInstalllog.txt" -Wait
        Execute-MSI -Path "inSync5.9.5r57926.msi" -Parameters "/qn TOKENV2='999999999' HEADLESS=Yes SERVERLIST=`"`""

The Execute-MSI command is basically the Start-Process cmdlet with auto logging and the relatice path to the msi auto added