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  • Hybrid Workloads Cloud Update on June 20, 2022

    New Features

    Deploy the first proxy for Nutanix AHV using the common agent
    You can deploy your Nutanix backup proxy using the common agent user interface. This user interface provides intuitive workflows where you can add the Prism details, network details, and activation token required to deploy and activate the Nutanix AHV backup proxy.

    Prevent malicious or accidental deletion of snapshots using Data Lock
    Protect your data from accidental or malicious deletions done by a rogue administrator and anyone with compromised credentials with our Data Lock feature. By default, this feature is available only to Enterprise and Elite customers.

    Integration with the Druva directory service
    We can now perform maintenance activities like cloud releases region-by-region so that the impact on your business is minimal. To support this enhanced software deployment model, we have introduced a global Druva discovery service.

    Long-term retention support for Nutanix AHV
    Maintain your data for a longer duration with cost-effectiveness with the Long-term retention setting.

    Configure Web proxy for Nutanix AHV
    If your network infrastructure uses a Web proxy, you can configure the Phoenix agent to use a Web proxy to establish a connection with the Druva Cloud.


    Identify a job with a resource identifier
    You can now correlate the job with the respective resourceID in the List All Jobs APIs.

    Filter the availability groups based on the availability group identifier
    You can now list only the required availability group in the List All Availability Groups API. 

    Enhanced user interface for the VMware, Nutanix AHV, NAS, and Oracle DTC pages
    The All Jobs page for VMware, Nutanix AHV, and NAS is redesigned so that you can perform actions such as resize a column, show or hide a column, reorder column and so on.

    For more information about this release, see Release Notes.