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  • Hybrid Workloads Cloud Update on May 16, 2022

    New Features

    Run on-demand backup and cancel a job using File Server APIs
    You can now use Druva On-demand backup API to run on-demand (manual) backups of the specified File Servers and Cancel a job API to cancel requested File Server jobs.

    Achieve data resiliency with Oracle RAC support
    Druva enhances its backup solution to support Oracle RAC databases, wherein you can securely protect databases running across multiple instances (nodes).

    List all snapshots and perform full automated restore of a database using Oracle DTC actionable APIs
    You can list all snapshots for a specific backup set by using the List all snapshots API. Additionally, you can restore a database automatically to the original server by using the Full database restore to original API.


    Identify backup sets associated with the Oracle PBS jobs
    Corelate the job with the respective backup set by passing additional response parameters to the Oracle PBS APIs such as List all backup jobs,List all restore jobs, and so on.

    Run DR failback checks to check AWS-VMware connectivity and guest OS issues
    The DR failback checks now include checks that look for connectivity issues between your AWS account and your VMware environment and also check guest OS issues that could cause your DR failback jobs to fail.