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  • SaaS Apps and Endpoints (inSync) Cloud Update on November 27, 2021

    SaaS Apps Enhancements

    M365: Default exclusion of Teams Meeting Recordings from backups
    OneDrive and SharePoint backups will exclude all files from the default folder path of Teams Meeting Recordings (TMR) by default for optimized backup speed.

    M365: Refined permissions during app configuration
    Configuration of Druva Microsoft 365 apps will now use a refined set of permissions to ensure Druva does not require non-essential higher-level permissions for data protection and does not involve any security risks.

    M365: Updated license allocation for Exchange Online users with shared and resource mailboxes
    New Microsoft 365 licenses will get 50% additional licenses for shared and resource mailboxes without any additional storage.

    For more information about this release, see SaaS Apps Release Notes.

    Endpoints Enhancements

    Create custom admin roles with Legal and Non-Legal rights as part of one single role
    You can now assign Non-Legal Hold rights (for example, Workload management rights) even to a Legal Admin role, and vice versa.

    Introducing new Legal Hold Management rights for enhanced granular access

    The following three new Legal Hold Management rights are added:

    * View legal hold clients.
    * Manage legal hold clients.
    * Delete legal hold clients.

    For more information about this release, see Endpoints Release Notes.

    Upcoming Enhancements with Cloud Update on December 11, 2021

    Starting December 11, 2021, you will be able to backup and restore Other contacts of Gmail. Learn More.