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  • Druva Cloud Platform Update on May 05, 2021

    New features

    Protect mission-critical backups from accidental or malicious deletion with Rollback Actions
    You can now configure the Rollback Actions capability to enhance your organization’s data security posture and safeguard backup data from accidental or malicious deletion.
    Rollback Actions will be available through the Cyber Resiliency service.  

    Leverage the Backup Security Posture and Observability license to enhance the security posture and observability of your backup environment
    For customers who don’t have Ransomware Recovery license, we have added a completely new license, Backup Security Posture and Observability, which includes capabilities such as Rollback Actions and Security events.

    Support for Authenticator App-based Multifactor Authentication
    You can now configure Authenticator app-based Multifactor Authentication for secured administrator login. You can now choose to implement either email-based or authenticator app-based Multifactor Authentication or even both. 

    Note: The option will be available in planned phases starting from May 05, 2022. 

    For more information, see Release notes

    Upcoming enhancements

    Endpoints reports are now available on the Druva Cloud Platform
    Starting May 19, 2022, centralized reporting with the enhanced framework for Endpoints reports will be available from the Druva Cloud Platform Console. The newer version of reports allows easier data comparison, better interpretation, and better usability.

    Note: Existing Endpoints reports will still be available under Endpoints->Reports page.

    For more information, see Upcoming Enhancements.