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  • inSync Cloud update released on March 31, 2018

    Updates to SharePoint Online:

    Auto-discovery of Site Collections

    inSync now provides the option to automatically discover new site collections added to the SharePoint Online setup of an organization. Office 365 administrators will no longer have to discover SharePoint site collections manually. The discovery process runs once every twenty-four hours. This setting is enabled by default. For more information, see Configure SharePoint for backup and restore.

    Support for Team Sites

    inSync now supports backup and restore for Team Sites that are used by Office 365 Groups and Teams Web App within an Office 365 tenant. These sites are generally hidden from an IT administrator and as a result are missed out from the backup. The auto-discovery process ensures that these hidden sites are added to the SharePoint sites list in inSync. This support extends inSync's capability in protecting confidential and valuable business data present in Team Sites in SharePoint Online.

    Global backup and data retention policies for Site Collections

    Routine data backup for Sharepoint Online Site Collections is imperative for the business as crucial data is being saved during the collaboration between the employees of an organization. To protect this data, inSync now enables administrators to define global data backup and retention policies that apply to all Site Collections within Sharepoint Online. The inSync administrator also has the option to define custom policies for a site collection.

    For more information, see inSync Cloud Updates or contact Druva Support.