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  • inSync Cloud update released on May 26, 2018

    Password workflow change
    For enhanced security of storing and transmitting user passwords based on industry best practices, inSync now mandates users and administrators to set their password during account activation. As a result of this change, inSync Cloud users and administrators will no longer receive passwords in plain text format in their account invitation email. The account invitation email will now provide a link to set the password during account activation or password reset.

    OneDrive native restore 
    The inSync administrators and the inSync end users can now restore the backed up OneDrive data directly into the OneDrive account. The details are as follows: 

    * An inSync administrator can restore a OneDrive user's data by overwriting the data in the existing location or as a copy in a different location in the user’s OneDrive account. An inSync administrator can also restore the data of a OneDrive user into the account of another OneDrive user as a copy, and choose to retain or discard the sharing settings for the restored data.

    * An inSync end user can search and restore their OneDrive data in the same location by overwriting the existing data or restore the data as a copy in a different location of their OneDrive account.
    For more information, see inSync Cloud Updates or contact Druva Support