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  • Upcoming Phoenix Cloud update scheduled for June 04, 2018

    For an enhanced user experience, Druva is excited to announce the following changes with the Phoenix Cloud update scheduled for June 04, 2018:

    * With the addition of the workload tabs to the Jobs page, Phoenix administrators can now simply click on the desired workload tabs to view the job details.
    * Druva has also enhanced the user experience for reporting. The Backup Activity and Restore Activity reports will now display details based on the workload types on the Manage Reports page.
    * In the Summary section of the Organization Dashboard, the integers that depict the latest backup status, will no longer link to the Jobs page.

    Customer action required: No action required.  

    For more information, refer to the Release notes. The detailed documentation about all the enhancements and fixes available with this Cloud update will be made available at the time of the release.