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  • inSync Cloud update released on April 28, 2018

    Improved inSync Client upgrade process
    The new inSync Client Upgrade capabilities considerably reduce the administrator’s efforts and time taken to upgrade the inSync Client on multiple devices. The administrators can simply choose to keep the inSync Client up to date or manually upgrade their protected devices.
    This allows the administrator the flexibility to upgrade selected or all devices to the latest General Availability (GA), or to the previous General Availability (GA) release version, or Early Access (EA) or Hotfix version available.

    On the inSync Management Console, navigate to the Client Upgrade page by clicking Manage > Deployments > Client Upgrade to access these capabilities.

    General Availability (GA) of Auto delete inactive devices option
    With the inSync Cloud Update released on April 28, 2017, the option to auto delete inactive devices is now available to all our inSync customers. 

    inSync provides administrators the option to manage inactive devices through the inSync Management Console to:
      * Define the time period after which inSync will mark a device as inactive.
      * Select the option to automatically delete inactive devices. For more information, see Configure auto-delete of inactive devices in a profile.
      * Specify the number of days after which inSync will delete the inactive devices.
      * View a consolidated report of inactive devices and their respective deletion date.
     For more information, see inSync Cloud Updates or contact Druva Support