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  • End of Support for disk space savings storage with inSync On-Premises 5.9.8 patch release

    Druva will end support for disk space savings storage with the upcoming inSync On-Premises 5.9.8 patch release scheduled for July 13, 2018.

    Why is this change necessary?

    To offer customers an optimal experience and take advantage of technical enhancements, Druva is investing in performance-based storage which provides several advantages:

    • Scalability: Increased storage pool size from 4TB to 64TB.

    • Performance: Enhanced performance of backups, restores, and storage compaction.

    • Support for new features: Support for features such as data pooling, flexible storage mapping, storage database backup (hot database backup), improved load balancing, and an increase in the number of parallel connections.

    What is the impact of this change?

    If the inSync administrator does not create the performance-based storage, backups will fail for devices that are mapped to the disk space savings storage. Data in disk space savings storage (prior to switching to performance-based storage) will continue to be available for restore as per the defined retention policy settings.

    To successfully run scheduled backups, after upgrading to the On-Premises 5.9.8 patch, inSync administrators must create a new performance-based storage and assign users to this new storage. inSync will initiate a full backup of all the devices as soon as the user migration is complete.

    Steps for deploying the new performance-based storage

    Step 1: Identify if your organization is using the disk space savings storage


    1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Manage > Storage List.
    2. For every storage having the storage node as Local Storage Node perform the following steps:
      1. Click on the <Storage Name>.
      2. Copy the Data Folder path.
      3. Connect directly to the inSync Master server using remote desktop, ssh, or putty and so on.
      4. Traverse to the Data Folder path that you copied in the step 2.2, earlier. 
      5. If you find “__drstdata__” folder present, complete the following Step 2: Create a performance-based storage for every such storage.

    If none of the storages have “__drstdata__” folder, you are not using disk space savings storage. The following Step 2: Create a performance-based storage is not applicable to you.

    Step 2: Create a performance-based storage

    Perform the following steps to create a new performance-based storage:

    1. Create a new storage. For more information, see Create a file store.

    2. Move all users from the old storage to the new storage in batches. For more information, see Change storage assigned to a user. inSync will run a full backup of the devices mapped to the new storage. Allow inSync to successfully complete the full backup. Data in the old storage will will continue to be available for restores.

    3. Upgrade to inSync On-Premises 5.9.8 patch release. Detailed instructions for the upgrade will be available at the time of the release.

    The steps are also available in the End of Support for disk space savings storage article.  

    Where can I access the supporting documentation?

    Click here to access the latest version of inSync On-Premises documentation.  

    How can I get more information?

    As always, we appreciate your business and should you need any further assistance, you can open a case with Druva Support.