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  • inSync Cloud update released on January 06, 2018

    The following enhancements are available with January 06, 2018, cloud update.

    Updates to email restore

    With this cloud update, inSync Client users can restore their data on Exchange Online and Gmail accounts using the inSync Web console. Previously, restore of Exchange Online and Gmail account data was restricted to organizations that had subscribed to inSync Elite (with Enterprise Search) edition..

    If inSync Client users have enabled Data Privacy settings, the ONLY way to restore their data is through the inSync Web console. inSync administrators can continue to restore the data of users who have not enabled Data Privacy settings from the inSync Management Console.

    For instructions on how to restore data using the inSync Web, see Restore data by using the inSync Web.

    Note: This enhancement is an add-on to the email restore enhancements released with inSync Cloud Update 5.9.5 CU11.

    Restrict inSync administrators from downloading User Authkeys

    inSync now restricts administrators from downloading authentication keys for a user who has Data Privacy settings enabled. Administrators can no longer download User Authkeys and use it to activate inSync Client or access the data of users who have Data Privacy settings enabled.

    For more information, see inSync Cloud Updates or contact Druva Support.