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  • inSync On-Premises 5.9.7 patch released on January 08, 2018

    With a strong focus on reporting, troubleshooting, ease of deployment, and several other capabilities, the inSync On-Premises 5.9.7 patch is now available for download.

    On-Premises 5.9.7 is a patch update released for On-Premises 5.9.6.

    What’s new in the 5.9.7 Patch update:

    Added an option to specify Custom Unique Identifier in OpenLDAP allowing Admins to integrate custom LDAP implementations with inSync.

    What’s new in 5.9.6:

    Deployment and configuration updates for inSync Server

    • Support for Ubuntu 16.04

    • High Availability enhancements

    • LDAP integration with inSync

    • inSync Active Directory/LDAP mapping feature enhancements

    Deployment and configuration updates for inSync Client

    • Mass Deployment for non AD environment

    • Support for Amazon WorkSpaces


    Updates for inSync administrators

    • ​​​​​​​Configure automatic deletion of inactive devices from inSync Management Console

    • Email settings enhancement

    • End User License Agreement (EULA) enforcement

    • Enable quick configurations from profiles

    • Enable Device replacement for remote users

    • Enable customization of All Drives’ folder name

    • Auto-update of Device Name

    • Support for editing inSync Profile names

    • Password policy enhancements for inSync administrators and users

    • inSync Alert enhancements

    • Reporting and Reporting API enhancements

    • Enhanced Audit Trail for Share activities

    • Enhanced information in Share Usage report


    Updates for inSync Client users

    • Restore Status improvements during device replace

    • Support for Custom Office 2013 and Office 2016 template location

    • Enhanced messaging for password policy

    • Enhanced login security mechanism for inSync Client users

    • Global Path exclusions enhancement

    • User-defined black-out window

    • Enhancements to misconfigured Backup Folder behavior

    • inSync Share Web enhancement

    • inSync Share Web UI enhancements

    • inSync Share - Guest Management enhancements

    • Capability to protect data on old device during remote device replace

    For detailed information about the features and enhancements, see the Release Notes or contact Druva Support.