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  • inSync On-Premise 5.8.2 released on January 19, 2017

    Druva has released its next minor update, v5.8.2, on top of On-Premise v5.8. This minor update comes with enhancements, updates to existing features, and bug fixes.

    Following is the list of enhancements that are now available with inSync On-Premise 5.8.2 on January 19, 2017.
    * Office 2016 Persona Settings Backup and Restore
    Office 2016 is now supported as part of Persona Backup (System and Application Settings) for backup and restore.
    * inSync Client 5.8.2 for Linux
    inSync Client for laptops and desktops running on Linux OS is now available.
    * Security update to inSync Client for Windows OS
    inSync Client for Windows v5.8.2 installers are now SHA2 signed, as against earlier SHA1.

    For more details about all the enhancements, fixed issues, that are available with this release, see inSync On-Premise Release Notes.