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  • Upcoming inSync Cloud Update scheduled in January 2017

    The following feature will be available with the inSync Cloud update scheduled in the last week of January 2017:

    Introduction of License & Packaging for Cloud Apps only
    With the introduction of new license pricing and packaging changes, inSync now offers our customers new pricing and licensing options for Cloud Apps. At a glance, we now offer the customers an option to buy only Cloud Apps for data protection. 

    inSync has also introduced the capability of enabling separate settings for Cloud Apps only. Administrators can now define separate policy settings for devices and Cloud Apps, independent of each other. Customers who have purchased only Cloud Apps license and would like to try out devices as well, now have the option to enable or disable the device on their profiles. Customers also have the capability to override privacy settings without a device.

    Following are the key changes introduced:

    1. Option to enable or disable Cloud Apps within a profile
    2. Existing tabs under profile settings grouped under new tabs
    3. Separate settings within the profile available for cloud apps
    4. License usage details
    5. Manage cloud apps accounts moved under Data Sources
    6. New permission setting added to replace existing settings 
    7. Web option to set privacy settings for end users

    A brief description of the User Interface and navigation changes made in this feature is available in the Release Notes. Detailed documentation will be available at the time of the release.