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  • Phoenix Cloud Updates on May 15, 2017 and May 16, 2017

    The following features are available with the Phoenix Cloud Update.

    A. User Interface Enhancements
    Phoenix provides an intuitive, consistent, and improved first-user experience on the Phoenix Management Console.
    The key UI enhancements include the following: 
    * Site references on the Phoenix Management Console are renamed to Organization. Administrators generally associated the word site with geographical location instead of an access-based control mechanism for strict partitioning of entities such as servers, server groups, backup policies and so on, resulting in the incorrect configurations. To avoid location connotation that is associated with sites, Site is renamed to Organization as listed below:
      - Site is renamed to Organization 
      - Sites is renamed to Organizations
      - Site administrator is renamed to Organization administrator
      - All Sites in the main navigation menu bar is renamed to All Organizations
    * Improved Global and Organization dashboards
    * The Summary tab on the Global and Organization dashboards has introduced the Total Snapshots field that provides statistics of the committed Restore Points. With a single-click on the statistics displayed on graphs and maps, you can now view detailed configuration information about servers, virtual machines, and so on. You no longer need to navigate through multiple pages to view configuration details.
    * Enhanced first-time landing pages for Organization, Servers, VMware, CloudCache, and Disaster Recovery
    These first-time landing pages now display enhanced workflow diagrams to help you understand the Phoenix components.
    * You can now sort jobs, configured servers, configured virtual machines, and alerts based on job ID, start time, job status, last backup status, and so on.
    * You can now hover on the error codes on the Jobs page and directly view error messages.
    For detailed information about the User Interface enhancements, refer to Phoenix User Interface Enhancements.

    B. Windows Server 2016 certification
    Phoenix now certifies File server agent on Windows Server 2016 (64-bit).
    Action Required: To use Windows Server 2016 (64-bit) for physical hosts,  you will have to upgrade the File server agent to version 4.6.10 and later.

    C. SQL Server 2016 certification
    Phoenix now certifies MS-SQL Server 2016 (64 bit). For more information about the certified versions, see Support Matrix.
    Action Required: No action required.

    D. Enhancement for VMware
    Phoenix now certifies vCenter 6.5 and ESXi 6.5. For more information about the certified versions for vCenter and ESXi, see Support Matrix.
    Action Required: 
      - For new vCenter 6.5 and/or ESXi 6.5 setup registration: Deploy the Backup Proxy OVA version 4.6.10 or later. 
      - For existing setup: Upgrade Backup Proxy to the rpm version 4.6.10 or later.

    E. Enhancement for CloudCache
    Phoenix now provides you with the ability to resize an existing CloudCache data volume. For more information about how to edit data volume size, see Edit data volumes.
    Action Required: No action required.

    For details about the updates that are available with the Cloud Push, refer to the Release Notes.