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  • inSync Cloud 5.9 released on December 10, 2016

    With a strong focus on ease of deployment and an enhanced user experience, the following features will be available with the inSync Cloud 5.9 released on December 10, 2016.
    For detailed documentation related to the new features and enhancements, see the Release Notes.

    LDAP integration
    inSync now supports directory services using LDAP protocol. With LDAP integration, inSync administrators can use a filter query to directly import users and user information into inSync.

    Mass Deployment for non AD environment 
    inSync Administrators can now maintain a map of user-email, logged on user, and device-identifiers on server,  and inSync client will validate incoming activation requests using this mapping. This ensures that only those devices that the administrator has mapped to inSync users on server will get activated. In addition, administrators will no longer have to create custom scripts to mass deploy inSync in non AD environments.

    Mass deployment mechanism for OSX platform
    inSync 5.9 makes it easier for administrators to mass deploy inSync to Mac clients by negating the need to create custom files and scripts.

    Device Replacement for Remote users
    Administrators can now prepare laptops with persona settings and user data before shipping the devices to remote users.

    ‘All Drives’ Folder Name customization
    The folder display name for ‘All Drives’ can be customized by administrators to a more relevant name to accurately reflect the filters defined in the ‘All Drives’ share for a user profile. For example, if only doc files are to be included in the filter, you can rename ‘All Drives’ as ‘All Docs’.

    Users defined black-out window
    We have now provided an option for administrators to let end users define a black-out window at a device level when backup should not happen. This way, end users can make sure backups do not start during any critical periods, such as presentations.

    Global Path Exclusions enhancement
    Global Path exclusion now works for user configured folders as well as as for the full paths defined by the administrator or the end user. 

    Certificate Pinning
    In this release, we have implemented client side certificate pinning, enabling inSync client to default to a limited set of trusted root certificates. 

    UI Changes
    For an enhanced user experience, Data Privacy option has moved from Settings to My Account section of inSync Client.